Tetsuya Nomura's Tifa Lockhart and Tidus artwork for Final Fantasy VII and X.

How Should We Pronounce Final Fantasy Character’s Names?

Thanks to peppygrowlithe for the inspiration! Sometimes fans aren’t sure how to pronounce certain names in Final Fantasy. Is it TIF-fah or TEE-fah? Is it TY-dus or TEE-dus? How do […]

Tetsuya Nomura standing by a poster of Kingdom Hearts.

At the Closing Bell, Disney Officially Bought Square Enix for An Estimated $2 Billion Gil, Adding the Final Fantasy Franchise to the Entertainment Giant’s Stable of Characters

Top highlights: Adds legendary ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise to entertainment giant’s stable of characters Cloud Strife is joining Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man in Disney’s roster of heroes. Disney […]