Final Fantasy Blog is the unofficial blog for discussing Final Fantasy theories from interesting angles. Partly inspired by Final Fantasy & Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough (while not affiliated with it) Final Fantasy Blog sets out to create an all-encompassing website for Final Fantasy discussion.

There’s one mission: discuss fan theories and other miscellaneous theories of Final Fantasy.

Too many times, fans shy away from voicing their opinions. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to avoid upsetting others? Maybe to avoid criticism for their opinions? Who knows?

But the Final Fantasy series can benefit from a healthy, respectful and robust discussion about the series. Civil conversations like these can make the series interesting. Where would the series be if we couldn’t talk deeply about the characters, story and theme? Remember “Squall’s Dead”? How about “Rinoa – Ultimecia”? Of course, Kitase debunked these theories as non-canon. But they still make for interesting discussion. No reason to stop talking about what could have been, simply because.

What’s the point of discussing theories? Entertainment. We can still talk about the “what ifs”. It leads to interesting fan fiction and ideas, which in turn keeps the series alive and interesting.

Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. It’s purely for entertainment. Sometimes, what you read is not always right. Other times, it’s contradictory. But what’s important is that a theory might lead to questions, or other thoughts along the way. And theories are about the journey, rather than the answer.

You might say “wow, I never thought of that”. You might also say “wow, I would never think of that!” Maybe I said something you think is absolutely brilliant! Maybe you’ll think “this person’s an idiot!’

Whatever you think, and whatever you feel, the important part is to have free discussions about the series you love.

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“Not interested.” – Cloud Strife

“…whatever.” – Squall Leonhart

AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!” – Tidus

“tch.” – Lightning Farron


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