Cloud Strife’s Father: President Shinra

Tetsuya Nomura's President Shinra and Cloud Strife artwork for Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII.

One thought on “Cloud Strife’s Father: President Shinra

  1. As an avid fan of final fantasy 7, this theory is good. Almost convincing as well, but one illegitimate son was revealed in Crisis Core to be Lazard who at the time was the head of SOLDIER. The other was rumored in Crisis Core to be Reeve. President Shinra was a callous, egotistical, and sadistic asshole. It makes sense that he would keep his illegitimate children within his company, but not let them rise to the ranks Rufus did. Cloud on the other hand, his dad I believe is going to be a bit more complicated. Your theory is good, but you need to have a reason as to why Shinra decided to keep Cloud out of the company until he joined SOLDIER. Also, the whole blonde thing is not a good reason to establish paternity for Cloud because his mother was blond too. Also, people were dying all the time from the Nibelheim reactor leaking for many years before Sephiroth and Zack fixed it. Sephiroth also notes that it was tampered with. My theory is Hojo may be Cloud’s father as well. You find out in FF7:DOC that Hojo and Lucrecia had labs in Nibelheim. Even underground that led to the reactor. Lucrecia “died” shortly after Sephiroth was born. Hojo wanting to create another like Sephiroth and thus convinced a pregnant Mrs. Strife to go through with the project. Hell, you can even go with Hollander and he could be the brother of Angeal or Genesis. Cloud’s full background is never really touched on and it’s always amazed me how we focused on all the other characters that were shrouded in mystery that we forgot the biggest mystery of all.

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