Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Scam.

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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Scam.

  1. Square-Enix is a joke these days, almost everything they release is rehashes/remakes and their new FF titles are soulless garbage action RPGs that play like Tomb Raider games. Possibly the only thing in recent memory they released that was memorable was the third party developed ‘Octopath Traveler’ which was better than this bloated overwrought joke of a Final Fantasy VII remake lol

  2. The game is brilliant but is Definitely a scam, revealing it up into segments so that they can make back the losses they have suffered from the release of Disney’s marvel avengers game, and possibly others. I can safely say I purchased the 1st edition and now with the ps5 making it only accessible to play extra contents it proves that this is only about money and the iconic square Enid company is pulling the wool over its fans eyes with not actually letting on as to how much has been made and dates for release to bring about more anticipation as they know the money lies with the true long time fans amount new ones. To release extra content for ps5 and not PS4 means they are pushing people to spend every pound or penny possible.

    1. This whole generation of gaming is to get you to pay the most possible for a game its been that way the last two generations ps4 and 5 . Release a half done game and charge extra for the rest of it over the next year almost all games are like this now . In the older days the games actually had to be finished before release but not now days . And to steal the name final fantasy 7 and to change the story mechanics etc why not just call it what it is a totally different game that they stole the name for so suckers would buy it . Same thing with the mad max movie its just sad people cant come up with original ideas and names anymore or actually finish a game before release. This generation of gaming is a complete joke and final fantasy 7 remake fits right in with it . They make a totally different game use familar charters change all the good stuff and call it the same name priceless but it worked lots of kids feel for it and bought the game mission accomplished

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