I Thought Final Fantasy X and X-2 Were Going to Be the Only Games in the “X” Series

Yuna and Tidus reunited in Final Fantasy X-2.


One thought on “I Thought Final Fantasy X and X-2 Were Going to Be the Only Games in the “X” Series

  1. In FFX Tidus is narrating to the party. It’s when they are sitting in front of the fire in Zanarkand. It’s heavily implied that the narration thus far was him talking with them about his journey to Spira and experiences with them. As for X-2, yes it is Yuna telling Tidus about her adventure trying to find him. The canon ending is the one where Tidus comes back, “I want to hear everything!” “Well, it all began when I saw this sphere of you.” Which brings us back to Yuna’s first line at the start of the game.

    As for X-3, I’m fairly certain we will get one. The audio drama and novella are basically that Tidus died, Yuna “summoned” him back and in doing so, caused some kind of disturbance with the fayth. Tidus is weak and Yuna prays to the fayth to keep him sustained. She keeps this a secret and when sin comes back she is afraid she may be the cause. She distances herself from Tidus as a result, but as Lulu says to Tidus, it’s not because Yuna doesn’t love him. As he should know about her, Yuna tends to keep people out of what she deems her responsibility (like with Seymour in X). X-3 will have Tidus finding out and obviously they are still in love and always will be. It’s just drama to set up conflict for the plot.

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