Lightning Is the Devil of the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

Lightning's Nightmare Garb in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.


One thought on “Lightning Is the Devil of the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

  1. Dude! Its mind boggling that theres a a huge void of exposes on the trilogy. I think it may be to the fact that Satan has blinded thr minds of people and you have to have biblical views to see what this thing is about. While viewing and playing LR, from my point of view, Lightning is supposed to be this Jesus Christ prototype. She is the saviour. We know this is the spirit of antichrist. She is trying offer people salvation which is an actual action! Also you have one city, which Luxerion, which is the city preparing for Judgement Day and then thr Days of Noah like city, Yusnaan,where people will party even if god is coming back. (The Vatican and say New York)

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