Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: Not As Advertised? “Not Interested.”

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One thought on “Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: Not As Advertised? “Not Interested.”

  1. While many of your points are valid, as a ‘mindless consumer’ I am going to take issue with the character presumptions about the original: –
    ‘Classier Jessie’/Avalanche as goofy kids playing terrorist – In the Japanese version Jessie was more openly flirtatious and frankly, the whole premise that Avalanche wasn’t somewhat camp is part wishful thinking and part relative lack of development. Their visual designs, dialogue – the fact Jessie assembled a bomb based on instructions on the internet is telling of a very amateur group at best who is more civilian than hardened soldier, hence why they make such a big deal out of Cloud in the first place. The closest to ‘experienced’ is Barret and *he* goes on inappropriate rants inside a fricking transport service owned by ShinRa and whilst on mission.

    If anything was jarring, it would be the appearance of a fellow cell of terrorists who actually had their shit together being on friendly terms with these goofballs. That said, I do think it underlined what you may (rightly or wrongly) viewed as hamfisted; Avalanche was a small fish implied in the remake to be the scapegoat and sacrifice by not just ShinRa but the other guys. The diversion.
    As for Aeris, she was pretty camp in the original. Asking some dude who crashed into your flowerbed from the sky if he would play bodyguard in exchange for a date? Cloud was also an archetype – or attempting to be – of the classic stoic; I forget the exact description given for the Japanese original, but part of the problem will invariably be that we all played as Cloud and not only directed him in the playstation version but chose his dialogue, interpreted his tone.
    Lastly, Tifa…how is she any ‘less’ developed in the personality department? Some of her ‘waifu’ traits are exacerbated, to her detriment, but she is given a more concrete role within the group as the one with the most moral misgivings. She also still is a helpful indicator (more overtly voiced) of how Cloud has changed.

    Just to be clear, this isn’t a question of quality. All the above in my wall o’ text could be true and that they completely bodged it up. My itch was more to point out that your critique neglected to take the original groundwork into account and there was a purpose to the ‘changes’ beyond appeal to demographics or some such thing.

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