Rinoa is Ultimecia: An Analysis

Rinoa is Ultimecia in Final Fantasy VIII.

7 thoughts on “Rinoa is Ultimecia: An Analysis

  1. I have to think as well Kitase is pulling out collective legs.

    If Rinoa = Ultimecia, it absolutely adds to the narrative by making her motive to compress time crystal clear. A sorceress is unable to die without transferring her powers. If Rinoa could find no candidate, she would live forever while everyone she knows dies around her. For a reference of how much this sucks for the immortal party, see Arwen and Aragorn.

    I think this would cause Rinoa / Ultimecia to fear time, and ultimately despise it. Time compression was her selfish solution to make time bearable – to relive all that she lost. To “stay here with you” as Rinoa put it on the Ragnarok.

    This theory if true also makes GF memory loss make more sense as a plot device. Memory is our connection to all times past, and the toolbox we use to construct our visions the future. A key assumption of R=U is that U has forgotten being R. If the GFs can cause you to forget memories, they can cause you to forget the pain of loss and fear of the future. Ultimecia’s minions have all your GFs in the future. I would say, to forget the horrors of time and immortality, Ultimecia essentially became a GF junkie.

    Ultimately though, a story is a story, and once a story is told it becomes the property of those who heard it. This is how Osiris becomes Christ or Buddha, or how revenants become vampires. Kitase can debunk anything he wants, but FF8 is ours now and we can claim R=U, dead Squall, disk 4 is a virtual reality in lunatic Pandora — however you want to retell the tale, it’s yours to retell.

    So go forth and theorize!

  2. Another possibility is that Ultimecia is Rinoa and Squall’s descendant from an undetermined point in the future. And that during that time there were similar events not unlike what Adel did to turn the public’s viewpoint against sorceresses in general? Maybe one has a lust for rule and sought to subjugate all under her power. The results are likely predictable and in order to escape persecution for her crimes, this sorceress transferred her power to this descendant?

    Her time compression could be a reaction to this traumatic event and an desire to preserve a single fleeting moment, probably happy, before her life went to hell. So the trauma of what she witnessed during her timeline drives Ultimecia’s motive to compress time, this leading her to her defeat.

  3. You left out the location of the castle. And the first words in the opening movie. They are clear clues with seemingly no meaning other than to support this theory. Square lies.

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